prayer in Cuero Texas Prison

Every community needs a spiritual place of solitude, worship and peace. The incarcerated prison community at the Stevenson Unit in Cuero Texas is no different. Currently there are over 1300 incarcerated men in prison at this medium security state penitentiary. These gentlemen, in white, are in the need of spiritual guidance just as bad, if not worse than individuals in the FREE Community.

The State of Texas provides a Non-denominational Chaplain to this prison unit, to help with the spiritual needs of the incarcerated, but will not provide funds to construct a place of worship within the prison. Currently there are several Prison Ministries, who minister at the prison on a regular basis, they include Kolbe Prison Ministries, Kairos Prison Ministries International, Faith Family Church Prison Ministry and the Native American Prison Group. In additional several local churches offer regular weekly services at the prison. These groups work day in and day out to bring the word of God to the incarcerated souls at the prison.

77% of released inmates are re-arrested within 5 years of Release - Read the Statistics

The Stevenson Unit Chapel Development Corporation (Non-Profit 501c3) was established to collect the funds and oversee the construction of a Chapel/Place of worship at this prison unit. Currently throughout Texas and the nation there are other grass roots movements going on similar to this, where the local community is coming together to help break the cycle of re-incarceration and build places of worship in state penitentiaries.

Why help offenders?

If Jesus were alive on earth today, would we find him in the prisons, talking and dining with the most loathed criminals and outcasts? Of course we would. He would be there to seek and to save the one who have lost their way.

Just as Jesus would be helping them today, we as a Christian community should be helping them also. Should we be judging these men, because they have done something our society says is wrong, or because they are sinners? These men are souls that have lost their way, and we should be there helping them.

Why build a chapel?

"Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain." Psalm: 127

The chapel will be a supportive place where they can meet Jesus Christ, learn to be moral men, and experience spiritual restoration. It will be a focal point where prison ministries can come together to help these men find their way to salvation.

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