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As DeWitt County Judge for 24 years, I often saw the need for spiritual direction for men and women who appeared before me. The same was true for many youngsters who were in DeWitt County Juvenile Court. The proposed church construction project is the most needed I have seen in a long time.

Ben Prause | Former DeWitt County Judge

endorsement by Ben Prause to help with prison church building

endorsement by Carroll L Pickett to help with prison church building

God blessed me in many ways when I was in the ministry. One of the greatest joys and most profitable for others was my Chaplaincy at the Walls Unit in Huntsville, Texas. Beginning in 1980 and continuing through1996, I was the Chaplain at the Chapel of Hope, the first prison chapel built in Texas and the only free standing Chapel in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice system. With an inmate population of 2200, along with hundreds of great volunteers from all faiths, we had a program that transformed men from unbelievers into believers. God performed many miracles at the Walls Unit. This chapel was built to hold 360 men, and for many of our activities, this chapel was filled with men seeking God, accepting the power of the Holy Spirit and accepting the change which comes through faith in Jesus Christ. The transformations that happened there have produced productive men that still follow their faith. The Chapel space enabled us to have 36 activities per week. With music, witnessing, faith sharing, and just caring for others, a chapel provides a benefit for Texas, TDCJ-ID, and especially, the inmates. God really works “Within These Walls”.

Reverend Doctor Carroll L. Pickett

Having been a member of the crusade team on a number of occasions at the Stevenson Unit, I believe I can speak first hand of the power of Christ’s love that has been witnessed during these retreats. Through God’s tremendous capacity and gift of forgiveness, I have been allowed to see these incarcerated men as someone’s son, brother, father, or husband instead of what many would deem a lawbreaker, criminal or convicted felon. How many of us can rightfully say that we had never made a mistake or that we had lived our entire life without some moment of regret. Society seems comfortable with the punishment phase of their lives, and once off the street, these men are forgotten in the case known as “out of sight, out of mind.” The majority of these men have not been sentenced to life in prison, eventually, most of them will be returned to the “free world”.

Instead of releasing broken and disoriented convicts back into our society, it seems only right that we should support these men in discovering their personal strengths and to help them with spiritual growth, so that the otherwise common cycle of persistent incarceration is finally broken. Current conditions at the Stevenson Unit make it difficult to minister to the offenders, and therefore the construction of the Chapel will greatly facilitate the overwhelming number of men who seek to better themselves in order to live again in a peaceful society.

Leslie Rabke | Kolbe Prison Ministries

endorsement by Les Rabke to help with prison church building

endorsement by Fredric Horton to help with prison church building

I know some people will always say, 'Why should I spend money on those people?' But one of the greatest things TDCJ ever gave me was the opportunity to get to know God, It's the desire of everyone in this unit to see this chapel built. Whatever money people decide to give we will appreciate.

Fredric Horton | Current Inmate at the Penitentiary

Apart from the time for set up in the gym to have church, and the heat in the summer. A permanent place for spiritual environment would be one great step to raising up sons of God on the Stevenson unit. Romans 8: 19 for the anxious longing of creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God. The more these men grow the more they will effect the environment they live in and when they are released into freedom. I am in.

Robert J. Camp | Pastor

endorsement by former offender to help with prison church building

endorsement by Wanda Ulrey to help with prison church building

As a volunteer teaching at the Stevenson Unit, I see weekly the need for a chapel. The classrooms in the Education Building are not large enough to hold all the students in the faith based programs. Men are turned away because there is not enough room. I highly endorse the mission to build a chapel. It is greatly needed to help the men change their lives before their release.

Wanda Ulrey | TDCJ Certified Volunteer

endorsement by gary moses to help with prison church building

This is a great program for those who need help. Really caring people helping others.

Gary Moses | Public Relations

endorsement by george bush to help with prison church building

The faith-based programs at the prison helped me transition when he got out. Being in the program, it's really helped me out a lot.

I've been out almost two years, I've been employed since I got out and I just continue to try to stay focused. It afforded me the opportunity to grow, not just in my faith or spirituality, but as a man.

Jeffrey Rodriguez | Former Inmate at the Penitentiary

I teach a faith-based program at the prison called Celebrate Recovery. The chapel can have a long-term impact on prisoners. We just need a place where we can better teach these guys what they need to know and help them change their lives. As of right now, classes either meet in the prison's faith-based dormitory or the gym, but neither is ideal.

The dorm only houses 63 of the 1300 men there, and often, classes are interrupted by officers having to do inmate counts. Their other option, the gym, only fits 150 people and can reach 95-100 degrees in the summer. In addition, the exhaust and floor fans make it difficult to even conduct a class.

The fans make so much noise that it's hard to hear. You can't hear their questions and they can't hear you teaching. It's hard to rehab people like that.

The amount of people we turn away shows that there's more out there that want to come to classes like this.

Billy Stehling | Celebrate Recovery teacher at the prison

endorsement by former offender to help with prison church building

endorsement by george bush to help with prison church building

Apart from the sweltering 100 degree temperatures in the gym Church services, it might also be nice if there were a separate Sacred Place, a Sanctuary (Chapel) that the men could go to worship and learn the Bible to transport their spirit to a place of inner freedom and transform their souls to become worthy one day to experience freedom again outside the prison walls.

Dr. Gary D. Hall | Pastor of New Life Baptist Church in Yorktown, Tx

It is very important for the brothers of the Stevenson unit to have a chapel building. The chapel serves as the only true rehabilitation for prisoners. It’s a place where men can meet God and lay there needs before him without consequence. As Christians we too have rights to worship, its how this nation was built on freedom to worship. The chapel allows men to go before the presence of God and allow seeds that are planted by the volunteers to grow.

God’s word has always been a trustworthy “compass”. He likened it to a lamp. In that day, the flickering light cast by olive oil was only bright enough to show a traveler his next step. To me Gods word is the necessary light to illuminate the change of life’s path one can only find in God’s place of worship. When I was wandering in the dark chaotic path of life, I believed that Gods word, through the guidance of his word brought by the volunteers in a chapel will and has provided direction to rehabilitate.

When we lose our bearings in life, we can trust our God who gives us His trustworthy word as our compass, using it to lead us into a deeper fellowship with Him in his place where he meets his people the chapel provides this consecration.

Mark Robertson | Former offender at the Stevenson unit

endorsement by former offender to help with prison church building

endorsement by george bush to help with prison church building

The work of redemption reflects our values. It also reflects our national interests. Each year, approximately 650,000 prisoners are released from jail. Unfortunately, an estimated two-thirds of them are rearrested within three years.

George W. Bush | Former President of the United States

True spiritual transformation is not only possible, it’s the purest form of moral rehabilitation ever known to the world.

Rick Perry | Former Governor of Texas

endorsement by Rick Perry to help with prison church building

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