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A Little Background on Our Vision

Stevenson Unit state pen in Cuero

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice system has the lowest rate of repeat incarcerations in the nation, with a lion's share of the credit going to religious programs, such as Kolbe Prison Ministries and Kairos, which are run by volunteers all across the state.

The Stevenson Unit in Cuero, Texas houses over 1,300 inmates and has one Chaplain, but has NO chapel facilities. Offenders currently attend religious services and learning activies either in small classroom, or a gym, when it is available. During most of the year the religious programs are limited to fewer offenders than would actually like to attend, simply because of the limited seating capacity.

A Little About Us

On November 12, 2012, the Stevenson Unit Chapel Development Corp. was established for the purpose of collecting funds and building a chapel that will better serve the needs of the religious services and programs at the prison unit in Cuero. Shortly thereafter a board of directors was elected and the task of laying the ground work for the Non-profit (501)c3 was started.

Our team and the board of directors are from various denominations, organizations, and faiths that have all come together with the same goal. That goal is to build a chapel at the prison that will serve everyone, and allow any group to minister to these 1300 men at the prison.

Build It and They Will Come

Our future vision includes, new prison ministries and other new religious teachers and involvement will come once the new chapel facility is available for use.

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