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Why would you want to volunteer for this un-popular task?

If you have a passion for sharing the Gospel and serving others, we invite you to consider helping us in taking the love and truth of Jesus Christ behind the closed walls of the prison in Cuero.

Think you would be a good fit?

We are looking for a few dedicated individuals to join our team, and who is interested in getting directly involved in this local non-denominational grass project and helping make this chapel project at the Stevenson Unit in Cuero, Tx a reality.

Involvement will include fundraising, discussing, planning, meeting, making decisions, assisting with construction and offering your experience and expertise to this cause.

Your reward for getting involved in this project will include having a feeling you have accomplished something toward making a difference in the lives of the prisoners, their families, the local community and our society, as a whole.

If you feel you can help this cause, please feel free to fill this form out below and someone will be back in touch with you.

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